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Oxandrolone also popularly known as Anavar 10mg from Meditech is an oral anabolic steroid.
This steroid helps you get more defined physique by burning fat and transforming it into lean muscle mass. It is not for bulking cycles unless it is stacked with another steroid such as Testosterone.
The fat that you burn off and transform into muscle mass is long lasting.
Anavar 10mg Meditech has some advantages over other oral steroids. It puts way less stress on the liver and the natural sex drive is not affected as much.
This drug can be found on the streets, in the gym, black market and the most reliable place – online pharmacy. It is available worldwide.
This steroid is not as cheap as other steroids.

Anavar 10mg history

The manufacturer of first ever developed Anavar was Searle back in 1964. Since then the name Oxandrolone was replaced with this new name.
The reason why they made it so mild is that it was supposed to be used by children to enhance their growth.
Since the first day you probably heard about anabolic steroids, you heard that if you use them, you will stop growing. Well that is not true.
Not all steroids produce estrogen and this is what stops your growth. Since women have more of it, it is clear why they stop growing sooner than men do.
It doesn’t slow down your growth since Meditech Anavar doesn’t cause aromatization.
Women find it very useful with amazing results but all under responsible dosing.
One of the first medical uses was to treat certain conditions such as Osteoporosis.
In 80’s people started looking at steroids in different way which made the total amount of prescriptions decrease.
Late 80’s were devastating for Anavar and pharmacies that were manufacturing it. By each day a demand was decreasing.
Over the next couple of years there was no trace of Anavar. It completely disappeared off shelves.
The second reason was that FDA- Food and Drug Administration was after Oxandrolone and its illegal usage.
Then BTG one day started manufacturing it again and it came back to USA pharmacies under the Oxandrin brand name.
Most companies were able to sell this drug and they sold it for HIV treatments.

Anavar 10mg anabolic effects

Anavar’s androgenic levels are low which makes it a mild steroid.
It contains decreased 5-alpha and it is a derivative of DHT (dihydrotestosterone).
When compared with testosterone, its anabolic ratings are 3x times higher. This doesn’t mean that it is stronger, Testosterone is a base. It is the most useful anabolic steroid on the market.
When it comes to impacts of muscles on the skin, scalp and prostate it is very balanced.
 Steroids such as Winstrol and Primobolan are often compared with Oxandrolone due to their benefits.

Dosage for cycle with 10mg pills

Anavar Meditech is one of the best steroids when it comes to strength gains, lean muscle mass and fat burn. But unfortunately it is too mild in regards to bulking.
Bodybuilders tend to use it during off-season for cutting. It is useful prior competitions as it doesn’tretain water.
Athletes take much smaller doses than bodybuilders. An average athlete will benefit tremendously with just 30mg a day.
Bodybuilders even go as high as 100mg a day. But that rarely happens and most of time they end up taking 80mg.
Since an Anavar pill has 10mg, you ought to take between 3-8 pills a day.
By stacking it with Primobolan and Winstrol you will end up with even greater results.
If you don’t prefer those steroids, you can always use Trenbolone, Proviron or Halotestin instead.
Those are all androgens and they make your muscles hard.

Testosterone and other steroid stacks

Oxandrolone can also be used during bulking cycles. But it has to be stacked with another anabolic steroid such as Testosterone.
Bulking is more popular among bodybuilders as they want to get stronger and look bigger.
Woman are afraid that anabolic steroids will make them more masculine, in an ugly way. This is not an issue with this drug if the doses are taken responsibly.
Common female dose of 10mg a day will help them get stronger and more defined but masculine.
Other mild steroids that they prefer are Winstrol, Stanozolol and Durabolin.
If Oxandrolone is combined with those drugs, you may become masculine. Nontheless the results are faster and more visible.
This steroid has minimal effects on suppression of testosterone production. The reason is that it doesn’t not convert into estrogen.
With higher dosages of Oxandrolone it will start affecting your Testosterone levels but that happens with every single anabolic steroid.
After the cycle, post cycle therapy is recommended to bring back your HPTA.

Side effects regarding liver

Anavar 10mg Meditech is also known as a 17 alpha steroid that negatively affects your liver.
Oral steroids are metabolized and developed in a way that they can pass through the liver. It is said that Oxandrolone doesn’t metabolize as much as other 17 alpha steroids. You will know that if your urine changes color.
When it comes to liver toxicity, it is not as toxic as you probably think.  The stress towards the liver is low.
The difference between fluoxyrnesterone and oxandrolone on 20mg dose is massive. It produces 70% less stress on the liver.
Why are these studies important? Athletes and bodybuilders trust this product and believe it is safer that the rest of orals. This results in bigger sales of Oxandrolone while other anabolics getting left behind.
The possibility of dealing liver damage is still present and don’t ever forget that. The higher the dosage, the higher the toxicity towards your liver. Take huge doses responsibly.
During the cycle LDL levels tend to increase while HDL levels tend to decrease. If you are taking it longer than it is recommended, you may end up with cardiac arrest.
Lipid profiles are negatively affected by anabolic steroids. Luckily Oxandrolone has lower risk than Testosterone, Nandrolone and such.

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