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People often get confused with steroid names like Stanozolol and Winstrol.  So to make things easier for you we will tell you that this is basically the same product. They are both anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) with the same benefits. Not all steroids are used in professional sports but this one is for sure. It used as a performance enhancer. Even though it was developed to help during treatments for osteoporosis, now is mostly used in sports and bodybuilding.

It is available in an injectable and oral form but meditech offers you in an oral form. The difference is in dosages, side effects and form of intake. Benefits are the same. They say that injectable is safer as it goes into blood stream and doesn’t cause stress to liver. But not many people are keen to going for needles as it is not as easy as with orals where you just have to swallow a pill. Common dosage is 40-80mg a day.  Due to its short half-life it has to be taken twice a day.

Androgenic receptors that can be found in bones and muscles are bounded by stanozolol. Protein synthesis is improved as well as nitrogen retention that is enhanced. This is important for muscle building. During weight loss your muscles will stay intact.  Stanozolol’s anabolic activity is high. Great feature of the steroid is that results are instantaneous. Unfortunately, it is said that they don’t last for too long.

So, to sum up Stanozolol benefits: fast acting muscles, female friendly, increased strength and vascularity, doesn’t aromatize, fat loss. It is popularly stacked with Sustanon and testosterone to increase its benefits even further. The stack will produce amazing results that will be noticeable in muscle growth and weight gain.

Since this is an oral steroid there will be some negative effects regarding your live but you may also experience joint pain, testosterone suppression, acne, nausea and luckily no estrogenic side effects.

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