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The effects of Halotestin can also be useful to the bodybuilders and professional athletes on the premises of conditioning. It is important to mention that it is helpful during breast cancer, but this is not the reason men use it. Strength and power are keys to its usage, often used in preparations prior competitions. This is followed by fat loss which allows bodybuilders to use it while cutting down and getting ready for a competition. Your muscle tissue will stay intact so don’t worry about that. You will experience astonishing amount of muscle growth. Positive nitrogen balance is promoted as well as the speed of protein synthesis that takes place. Some say that you can gain 20-30 pounds in as little as two months when stacked with correct anabolics. The Halotestin cycle is going to be a mix of oral steroids and injectables. 

What is also great is that comes in an oral form. Just take few pills a day and you are ready to go. No painful injections. Beginners tend to start with 10-20mg a day for 5,6 weeks. In the meantime, they see how it works and how it affects them so they can change their initial doses. A more advance cycle is a bit longer 6-8 weeks and the daily dosages are increased to 30-40mg. Most often doses are split in two and taken in the morning and in the afternoon.

Halotestin is believed of as one of the leading oral steroids worldwide. But its liver toxicity should not be forgotten. The strain on the liver is kinda large therefore usage should be limited to 40mg and 6 weeks. Increased blood pressure is also present during the cycle. Other common side effects are nausea, suppressed libido, change of skin color. To avoid side effects, use it responsibly. Post cycle therapy is recommended.

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