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One of the popular LA Pharma injectables is definitely Boldmax. It is a brand name of Boldenone. The difference is in mg. Boldmax comes in 400mg vial and Boldenone in 250mg vial. Also, there are more names such as RU-1876, Androsta-1,4-dien-17 β-ol-3-one, Δ1-Testosterone and 1-Dehydrotestosterone.
If this doesn’t ring a bell, then maybe boldenone undecylenate will. Chemical name is C19H2602.
How is this steroid administrated? Unfortunately, there is not an oral version of the steroid. You will have to inject the fluid deep into your muscle tissue. You have to be careful during injections as it may cause swelling or bleeding.
Its half-life is long, so you won’t have to take it often – every 2 weeks. With boldenone undecylenate your appetite will be increased, nitrogen retention enhanced, and protein synthesis will be improved. All while androgen receptors are stimulated. Androgen deficiency was the reason why it was created in the first place.
Boldmax is popular and widely used anabolic steroid it is not yet on the level of dianabol, testosterone and anavar. Bodybuilders and athletes can benefit significantly from this steroid. Some of the basic compounds of the steroid are: carbon, oxygen, hydrogen.
The safe dosage would be between 200g-400mg a week. There are those who will abuse it and go for even higher doses. This is the number one reason why people experience side effects. By injecting more, you won’t get better results. Unfortunately, it is the other way around. Your health should come first. Start with small doses and see how it goes. After few weeks you can increase it without worrying.
The effects of Boldmax are slow and steady. This means that they won’t be present in the first week or two of the usage. This makes people Impatient, so they end up taking higher doses. Results will be there just wait few weeks. Common side effects such as acne, oily skin, hair growth are the result of irregular cycle and incorrect dosage.


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