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Equipoise is more common word used in areas such as bodybuilding however essentially it is just a brand of Boldenone Undecylenate. We stated bodybuilders yes, but that doesn't mean just them.  Athletes on different levels are eager on using it. It acts as a performance-enhancing substance that increases users muscle mass. Estrogenic and androgenic nature is lowere due to being a derivative of testosterone.

Noticeable muscle growth is promoted by equipoise however there are even more advantages to it such as low estrogenic activity, cutting, strength and muscle hardening. Due to its properties, this drug is rarely used during bulking cycles as a significant component. It is not efficient in including 10-20lb like some bulking anabolics. You won't grow in the size but rather you will get a defined body. Protein synthesis is increased that makes your muscles more powerful and bigger however just to certain level.

If you are trying to find the substance that will help you in lean muscle mass, then Equipoise is for you. Throughout the cycle, all calories taken with food will be utilized and will not have time to include fat to your body. This will lead to loss of fat. If you utilize this steroid to reduce weight, don't fret as it will help you lose that weight while maintaining your muscles.

 A cycle with this product is usually 12 weeks long and the doses can range from 200 mg to 600 mg a week.

One thing that bodybuilders avoid is estrogen. If testosterone transforms into estrogen it will result in estrogenic side effects like gynecomastia and bloated look. That is why equipoise has some constant but sluggish gains that decreases estrogenic activity. It is very important to avoid those negative effects as it will make you stop working out and you will ultimately lose your gains and be back at the start. However like with every anabolic steroid, there are some adverse effects such as oily skin, unwanted hair growth, baldness, boost in bad cholesterol and testosterone suppression.




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