To fully understand the answer to the question, „What is dianabol?“. You ought to read the following text. For starters, let’s say that dianabol is the most popular anabolic substance available for utilization. The origins go way back. It was first introduced in late 1950’s. The biggest reason why is it called the most popular is that it helps achieve faster muscle gains in very short periods of time. What is more, it simultaneously burns calories. So to thoroughly understand what is dianabol, we encourage you to read the text below and maybe even pick the steroids for personal use. When it comes to dianabol origins, we like to start from the beginning. As there has been rivalry between the soviets and the Americans, Dr. John Ziegler tried to give American athletes an edge. Soviets were known for utilizing testosterone in their olympic athletes and americans wanted to „stay in the race.“ . In 1955, dianabol was introduced. Not long after the introduction, it has taken the world by storm. You may be familiar with „the golden era“ of bodybuilding (1960s – 1970s). All those stories have something in common. They all fit in history books under the name, „Dianabol origins“.

Is dianabol legal

When someone is purchasing steroids or other medication online, the main question that pops up is: „Is this or that legal?“. Meaning that the question „Is dianabol legal?“ has to come up. To answer honestly in numerous countries steroids are not available for purchase because of the law. Although there are still countries that are producing and manufacturing the product. When it comes to buying, the safest way is online. When we say online we do not think the black market although it is available there. There are many web-sites that offer you genuine and pure dianabol products such as la pharmaalpha pharma and meditech. Pharmacies that manufacture them put the verification code on the package so that you can make sure the steroids that you bought are real. The problem and the main reason to avoid the black market despite the low prices is the quality. Low quality merchandise and counterfeit steroids are the terror of the industry and the scary side of „sport“. If you decide to buy dianabol online, you can get it without a prescription from various sites. Usually from the countries where there are no problems in manufacturing and selling. The price of it on the black market usually varies from 1$ to 1.50$ per 50mg tablet. For comparison the medication with a pharmaceutical grade reaches 2.80$ per 50mg tablet. The difference is not very big and that is because of the sheer interest and popularity of the medicine. 

Dianabol dosages

Due to it being very strong and potent, it is necessary to measure dianabol dosages and keep them in the lows. That is also a recommendation for avoiding those previously mentioned negative side effects. As with every steroid, the saying: „the higher the dosages the higher the risks“, is applicable here. Upon release, Dr. John Ziegler initially prescribed dianabol dosages of 5mg per day. That course would run for a maximum of six weeks. That measure is now considered as a very low end at the dose spectrum, especially regarding athletes. In reality, the doses present today vary from 15 to 30mg (daily). With the bigger amounts, the strength of the steroid is more present. Interestingly enough, with other steroids, body eventually develops tolerance towards the steroids. This is not the case with dianabol. Even after many years of utilization have passed, there is no need for increasing the doses. There are some rumors that some bodybuilders did cycles with 50mg of the medicine per day. You should never go over that, because that is considered a maximum. Of course there are always individuals who think that they can go even further so there are some speculations of individuals using as msuch as 80mg per day. There is no need in saying how incredibly stupid and dangerous this is. And we would like to strees that there is no need to go to the extremes as numerous bodybuilders say that with a dose of 15mg, they can achieve all the desired effects. To try and picture you the horrors of high doses, here are the results of a study done with 100mg per day: Testosterone levels dropped by 40%, 80% deficit in luteinizing hormone, Folicle stimulating hormone has also dropped by 33% and  Human growth hormone has risen by 30% with muscle mass also increased by around 2 to 7 kg. Dianabol is not recommended for the females as it is not suited for their physiology. There are females who tend to utilize it. But their doses tend to be around 2.5 to 5 (daily) with a maximum of 10mg. It is necessary to point out that with the females, dianabol will probably produce dramatic changes.

Dianabol side effects

Even though being called the best, there are still possible dianabol side effects. As mentioned before, the C17 alpha-alkylation is the reason of the steroids surviving the metabolism of liver and thus increase the liver toxicity. The greater resistance of steroids to the liver, the greater are the chances of liver problems. As in many courses, the dianabol course should not last longer then 6 weeks. To avoid serious problems, it is recommended to use the medicine as the kickstarting compound with low doses. The moedrate estrogenic properties are manifested through water retention, gynecomastia, fat gain and high blood pressure. Selective estrogen receptor modulators such as clomid and nolvadex are used as anti-estrogens for trying to avoid the possible dianabol side effects. Even with the androgenic side effect profile being low, the concern is still very high. The androgenic rating of it is around 50 which is less than testosterone yet still present. One of the risks that is present is male pattern baldness with the help of genetics. Followed by: increased facil and body hair, increase in oily skin and also in acne development. Another side effect of dianabol is on the hypothalamic pituitary testicular axis. Results are either the suppression or complete shut-down of natural testosterone production. Some studies show a drop in testosterone levels by 69%. And those results are here with doses that are as low as 15 mg of the steroids daily on the course of eight weeks. As we know that oral steroids are responsible for more negative changes than the injectables. We can conclude that the effects on the cardiovascular system and the effects on cholesterol are going to be very bad. 

Chemical characteristics of dianabol

When it comes to chemical characteristics of dianabol, it is important to know that they are an estrogenic anabolic steroids with a life span of around 5 hours. It is less androgenic than the hormone counterpart testosterone. The oral administration has been enhanced with the alpha-alkylation process which modifies the 17 th carbon and enables it absorption and activity. Without that process, it would probably be unable to pass through the liver. The results of that would be amounts of ineffective steroids not reaching blood stream thus not improving your body. The modification that is responsible for the short life span and also responsible for being less androgenic is the double-bond between 1 st and 2 nd carbon atoms. These tweaks of chemical characteristics of dianabol are also responsible for avoiding binding proteins (in large sums). When we have a window where globulins are binding less, that allows other anabolic hormones to be active in the muscle and body. All of the previous statements have to explain why is it considered as one of the stronger anabolic steroids. What is more, the affinity for interaction with androgen receptors is lower with dianabol than with testosterone. Even with that, it is still a strong hormone. Maybe due to activity that is non-receptor mediated. The anabolic rating of it is 210. For comparison, the anabolic rating of testosterone is 100.

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