How do oral steroids work

Steroids are really forms of hormones created by man.Firstly the tablet has to pass through a liver and in to the system. At the point when the enhancement is in the system, It begins to target muscle tissue. where it sticks to an androgen receptor. At that point steroids interface with the DNA of the cell and animate the procedure of protein blend which advances the development of a cell. Working out assumes a major job in utilizing oral steroids as it prompts expanded quality and muscle estimate. At the same time enabling the body to deliver more ATP, the purported „fuel ” that is required for muscles to move.

What are oral anabolic steroids

Androgens and oral steroids contain the male sex hormone also known as testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. They also contain many other agents that function as these sex hormones. Androgens are known to stimulate the development of the male sexual characteristics such as beard growth and deepening of the voice also including the development of the male sex organs.  Oral anabolic steroids also help the growth of other types of tissue. Bones and muscles are the most effected types of tissue. With usage of supplements comes the increased production of the red blood cells. Oral steroid forms are taken by mouth. Some most known oral tablets are:  Methandienone or „Dbol“, Oxymetholone or „Drol“, Mesterolone, Fluoxymesterone or „Halo“, Methyltesterone, Oxandrolone or „Var“, Mibolreone, Stanozol or „Winny“

Steroids usage

The usage of oral anabolic steroids is common. Many new users prefer tablets as the less harmful method of intake and assume that the injections are far more dangerous. This is a myth of course, because oral anabolic steroids are particularly dangerous. Some of the female users prefer specific as they have a low androgenic effect (developing of male characteristics).Without analysis, you cannot be sure what steroid or if there is steroid in your tablet. One of the biggest problems among users is the concern if the tablet has been produced in an underground lab, with wrong dosage or even wrong steroid. This leads to people taking dangerous dosages without even knowing.Many users believe that by taking steroids in a certain way, they can avoid  some side effects. Cycling is the first method. Here the user takes steroids for a period of time and then stops for some time of resting. Then they repeat the process. Next method is called stacking. Here the user takes more than one type of oral anabolic steroid simultaneously. They believe that by taking more different drugs, they enhance the effects of the drug. Last known method is called pyramiding.The method starts with a small dose of one or more oral steroids and over time the doses increase, reaching the maximum allowed dosage. Then begins the resting period before starting the same cycle again. There are no evidences if any of these three methods is actually going to reduce the side effects that may occur during the course of taking oral anabolic steroids. Most of users like to exercise more when the dosage is high because they like to take the most of the improved performance given by the drug. Different purposes demand different types of the drug. There are three main types of oral steroids. You have bulking for muscle building, performance for endurance and strength and cutting for fat burning.There are also reason to use steroids such as healing, recovery, and enhancment of metabolism.                                                 

Medically oral steroids are used to treat:
•    Anemia
•    Breast cancer (for women)
•    Osteoporosis
•    Endometriosis
•    Delayed puberty (adolescent boys)
•    Weight loss (HIV)
•    Hypogonadisam and impotence (men)
•    Other hormonal imbalances

Doses and frequency of using

Oral steroids must not be used for more than six weeks in a row.  Resting period should be the same length as the usage. Best sentence to describe the usage of the drugs is : The longer you use it, the higher the dose is and with that, the bigger the risks. This span of 6 weeks is typically used by bodybuilders. The doses that they used are normally higher than those given is prescribed oral steroids. With that amounts of drugs side effects are to be expected. Higher dosages do not increase effectiveness of the drug, it only increases the chance of side effects occurring. No matter the dose, oral anabolic steroids are more damaging to the liver than the injectables.

Steroids risks and side effects

The most important risk with using oral anabolic steroids is the damage that can be done to your liver. The problem is with liver that you cannot tell if you have a damaged liver because it is an organ that can be damaged and you will not feel any pain what so ever. The most toxic and infamous oral steroids are the c17 Alpha-Alkylated, also known as the 17-aa steroids. The drug has been altered in a way that it can pass through liver more than just once. How harmful these drugs are is yet unknown. Most of the experts in the world agree that liver damage is a real threat. If anabolics are used you should follow these three rules:   
•    Keep your cycle length short (6 weeks)
•    Have your liver function checked (during and after the cycle)
•    Keep the dose low.

If you encounter any of these symptoms, you probably have a serious issue with your liver and have to stop the course  and see a doctor. The symptoms usually appear in this order:
1.    Reduced appetite
2.    Swollen abs
3.    Having a temperature (feeling sick)
4.    Itchiness
5.    Yellow skin or eyes
6.    Amber colored urine
7.    Blood in the faces

Common side effects of oral steroids

Oral steroids are known to make acne pop up and hair to fall out. Girls are known to struggle with facial hair and guys can grow breasts. Heart can get clogged up and your liver may develop tumors. Users are also known to get very violent and angry. They do make you achieve your results but they come with a health cost. You will be satisfied when you flex in front of the mirror but you are not aware of what horrible things can happen from the inside. Some problems may stuck with you for the rest of your life, or even endanger one. Here is the list of the common side effects cause by the oral steroids:
•    Easy bruising
•    Blurred vision
•    high blood pressure
•    insomnia
•    acne
•    cataracts or glaucoma
•    increased body hair growth
•    weight gain
•    muscle weakness
•    weaker immune system
•    nervousness
•    bleeding
•    swelling of the face
•    water retention (swelling in general)
•    osteoporosis
•    mood swings
•    worsening of diabetes

Oral anabolic steroids are also not a friend of the heart. They can cause strokes and heart attacks, even in very young athletes. This happens if a condition called atherosderosis is present. It is manifested when fat deposits inside the arteries disrupt the flow of blood. If you are an adolescent and abuse supplements, you should know that besides liver damage and cardiovascular problems your body may become an easy target for diseases and illnesses due to the weakening of the immune system. Other than these common side effects what occur even with prescribed dosages, here are some side effects that occur when you take 100 times the prescribed amount:
•    Cardiac death
•    Tendon rupture (degeneration of collagen)
•    Permanently stunned growth (in adolescents)
•    Cardiovascular problems
•    Tumors and cysts on liver
•    Bone lose and osteoporosis
In men there are risks of:
•    Sterility
•    Shrinking testicles
•    Enlarged breasts
Women may encounter:
•    Deepening of voice
•    Lengthening of clitoris
•    Shrinking breasts
•    Increased sex drive
•    Changes of menstrual cycle

Who can avoid side effects

The main question is: Does everyone get the side effects after using oral steroids? The answer is NO!.  How and what side effects are going to manifest varies from person to person. If steroids are used for a brief period in time, there is a possibility of no side effects showing. Also, the listed side effects do not appear when injections are given for bursitis, tendintis and arthritis. However, high dosages and prolonged courses increase the risks and the number of side effects that you may get.

Teens and oral steroids

For this age group, hormonal balance is very important. Hormones are an integral part of velopment of boy’s masculine traits and girl’s feminine traits. With abusing of supplements there can be a gender mix-up. For teens there is a risk of staying short and never reaching full adult height due to drugs. Our body is programmed to stop growing after the end of puberty. With drugs, teens body will reach a certain point of hormone level where the body will think that it has already gone through puberty.  There was a study where teens were asked if they have ever tried steroids and the results were let’s say pleasing. 4% is the number of 12th graders, 3.5% is the number of 10th graders and only 2.5% is the number of 8th graders that have tried illegal substances.

Are oral steroids illegal?

Oral anabolic steroids are a class C drugs, meaning that they can only be sold in pharmacies with prescriptions. It is legal to have oral steroids for personal use.  They can also be exported or imported as long as the transaction happens in person. But, if it is believed that you are selling or supplying the drugs. It is illegal to possess them. Giving them to friends is also considered as supplying. Penalties may vary, but a prison sentence and unlimited fines are on the table.

Prohibition in sports

There are cases where some athletes abuse oral steroids to gain muscle mass, enhance performance and prolong endurance. Oral steroids are forbidden at all times. That means during and out of competition. Oral steroids are prohibited by the IOC (International Olympic Commitee) and by NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). Examples of oral anabolic steroids include:   Dianabol, Anadrol, Trenbolone, Winstrol, Anavar, Clenbuterol and Primobolan.


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