How do steroids work

Steroids are actually versions of hormones produced by man. When the supplement is injected in the system, it starts to travel through the bloodstream. It targets muscle tissue, where they cling to an androgen receptor. Then they interact with the DNA of the cell and stimulate the process of protein synthesis which promotes the growth of a cell. Working out plays a big role in using injectable steroids as it leads to increased strength and muscle size. Simultaneously allowing the body to produce more ATP, the so called „fuel” that is required for muscles to move.

 Usage of injectable steroids

Injecting drugs is a risky procedure with high risks of disease and injury. Users of injectable steroids are required to follow basic rules and procedures to lower the risks and chances of potential harm. A lot of risks can be avoided by using the drugs accordingly. If you are considering self-injecting, you should seek advice from a health professional. Firstly, it is important to set realistic goals and understand that the large and permanent gains aren’t made in one course. Diet regulation, illness, stress and training are all determining the response of injectable steroids, following that it is necessary to understand that every athlete is different and will get different results. General usage of injectable steroids is in cycle and also steroids are often used in stacks. Stacking means to simultaneously use several different drugs from some of which aren’t necessarily injectable steroids. To use injectable steroids in a cycle refers to taking steroids in a cycle for a period of weeks which is followed by a drug free period. The information available about steroid usage is only related to medicine usage where expectations are different from the expectations in weight gaining. It is often mistaken that when a gain is made with a certain dosage, that that was the right dosage. Smaller doses often produce the same results as the larger doses.

The only problem is with the larger doses the excess of drugs is being spread throughout the body which leads to side effects before liver destroys the material. Increasing the dose does not increase muscle building but is increasing the chances of any side effects. Continuously using injectable steroids does not lead to continuous strength and weight gain. Many can experience development only after three weeks but there are some athletes that get an immediate response to injectable steroids. The continuing growth pattern is generally lasting for six to eight weeks.

The effect gradually stops at this level and further usage show very small or no progress at all. The longer you use them and the larger your dose is, the risks are higher too. Many users lose weight after a course of using steroids due to being unable to maintain the efforts required by injectable steroids. The retention of water is demonstrated in some athletes and when the course of steroids is stopped results such as weight loss appear because of the water that is lost.

Who can take steroid injections

Most people can actually have steroid injections. But before using them u need to check if you had any of the following:
– diabetes, epilepsy, high blood pressure, or problems with you heart, liver and kidneys.
– infections (including eyes)
– had a steroid injection in the last 6 weeks (needed time to wait)
-three steroid injections in the same space in the span of 12 months
– any vaccinations
-allergic reactions to drugs in the past
– anticoagulants
– or if you are trying to get pregnant.

Injectables steroids equipment

A clean syringe and needle are mandatory for each and every injection. Meaning that the equipment has to be just removed form the sealed wrapper. Sharing the injecting equipment is not an option. You can get sterile equipment and boxes for safely disposing the equipment from your local pharmacy and syringe exchange. The needle should be long enough to reach the muscle. What is more it needs to be of a sufficient bore to enable a solution like oil base which results in minimal tissue damages. For an injection that needs to be intramuscular and given correctly it is required to get, either a long green needle (21 g * 1,5”) or a long blue needle (23 g * 1,25”). For each injection, you are required to get two needles- one to inject and the other to draw up. Maximum volume that should be injected is 2ml so the 2ml syringes should be used. Getting bigger syringes means that they contain too much fluid, which is causing damage.

Keeping it Clean

Putting your injecting equipment on a clear and clean surface is mandatory, keeping in mind that sharing is forbidden.  Thoroughly washing your hands and the place where you are going to inject yourself are also important. Use soap and hot water. When the needle pierces the skin, it opens the door for bacteria so keeping everything clean and sterile is vital for avoiding infections. Sterile alcohol will be helpful but in no circumstances should it be a substitute for soap and hot water.
Drawing Up

Before the drawing up process, the solution needs to be examined for any potential contaminations. If maybe the seal is broken or there is discoloration and even visible particles, the steroid should not be used. It is required that the solutions, after being refrigerated, reach room temperature before injecting. Needle may possibly get blunt when it passes through rubber seal, or if it scrapes the inside of an ampule. Blunt needle causes damage to the muscle and causes pain. Drawing up slowly and then safely disposing the needle should be done, afterwards replacing the needle with a new one.

Where to Inject the needle

Injectable steroids are never injected into veins. They should be injected into the muscle. The main places for intramuscular injections are Gluteus maximus (upper quadrant), Vastus lateralis (middle outer muscle of thigh). Around gluteus maximus, there is a pathway of the sciatic nerves. Meaning that injecting there should be done with caution. Injection places are obligatory for rotation for avoiding too much damage in one place. It is not necessary to target any particular muscle groups because injectable steroids work throughout the body. The deltoids are the next site for injection if you are unable to inject into the glute or the thigh. The smaller the muscle, more damage and pain will an injection cause. Oil-based solutions are warmed up to room temperature, injections are done slowly. Afterwards, the massage of the area is done to distribute the steroid.

Pre-injection process

Getting rid of air bubbles in the syringe is important. Flicking the barrel causes the bubbles to go to the top of syringe. Then by pressing the plunger and waiting for a drop to appear at the tip of the needle, you have successfully prepared the injection.  In case of using an alcohol swab, give your skin a few seconds to dry. Healthier option would be hot water and soap, so there is no reason to use an alcohol swab if your skin is clean. Using your forefinger and thumb, stretch the bit of skin where you’re going to inject yourself.

The Injection

You hold the syringe like a dart and then push the needle through the skin into a muscle. You should care about hitting the bone and there is no reason to inject the needle to the hilt. the needle to the hilt. You also must check, before injecting solution, if the needle is in a blood vessel. When you ease back the plunger and see no bloody in the syringe, that means you are good to go. Injecting slowly minimizes the damage.

Post-injection process

Bleeding injection site is considered normal, but it needs to be a small amount of blood. Getting a clean tissue and pressing directly on the site will prevent bruising and stop the bleeding. Other effects may also occur such as itching, redness, swelling and burning. Do not worry, these effects will subside shortly. All of the used equipment should be disposed correctly. Thoroughly washing your hands afterwards is also important.

Types of injectable steroids

Different purposes demand different supplements , therefore you have: cutting steroids for burning fat, bulking steroids for building muscle and performance steroids for endurance and strength. The injectable form of steroids is:
•    Testosterone cypionate (Depotest)
•    Testosterone propionate (Testex)
•    Testosterone acetate (Tren)
•    Testosterone enanthate (Andro-Estro)
•    Methenolone enanthate (Primobolan)
•    Nandrolone phenpropionate (Durabolin)
•    Nandrolone decanoate (Deca Durabolin)
•    Boldenone undecylenate (Equipoise) .

 Injectable steroids side effects

Side effects may occur when using too much injectable steroids or when an individual has unusual reactions to the drug. By being aware of the problems, many potential negative effects can be avoided and reduced. Many side effects are temporary and will be gone within weeks, but there are some that are permanent.


The most common side effect of injectable steroids are acne. They are often manifested on the back. Increasing the dosage also increases the chance that the acne will develop. To try avoiding them it is helpful to keep your skin clean and to avoid oily substances. If acne start to appear it is best to stop using injectable steroids. They will start to abate after three or four weeks.


Breasts may start to enlarge and are also becoming sore and sensitive. That condition is called gynecomastia. That condition occurs when there is a chemical change in testosterone. The process is called aromatization and it is when a male hormone is being converted to estrogen also known as the female hormone. Initially, there is a sore feeling in the breasts. On the outer side of areolas, a skin ridge appears but there is no swelling. Continuing the course results in swelling and tenderness.


In the world, there are known cases when people used injectable steroids and suffered a heart attack which led to death.  Those cases have shown evidences of coronary artery blockage as the cause of death. Before starting to use injectable steroids, you need to measure the cholesterol level and the high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (hdl) as they are known to predispose a heart disease if they are not on the right levels. Total cholesterol is affected very little by the steroids, but the drug occasionally increases the bad cholesterol and decreases the good cholesterol. If you suffer from symptoms such as weakness and breathlessness you may be having cardiomyopathy. A heart muscle disease that has been recorded in some rare cases.

Retention of fluid

Feeling bloated may also occur during the course of steroids. This happens for some people who retain fluid and it is visible around the neck and on the face. Usually it disappears within a few days after stopping the usage. Weight loss is inevitable with the water loss but that does not mean that there is muscle loss. Water is in between the muscle fibers and not in them.


There are many manifestations of agression such as: Indirect hostility, irritability, negativism, suspicion, resentment, verbal hostility and physical assault.

Sexual problems

Usage of injectable steroids depresses the formation of pituitary hormones. They affect the function of testes. Size of the testis will also be affected as the functions are suppressed by the injectable steroids. Shorter courses mean that there will be less size loss. The greater the dose, the bigger the change in the testes size. That happens only during the duration of the cycle.In some cases this may even lead to sterility. In some cases permanent, in some not.


Injectable steroids may cause longer peroids of bleeding, and that can lead to potentialy bleeding from the mouth, nose…

Extensive hair loss

Every man that has a pedisposition for balding, using the injectable steroids is going to speed up that process.


When on the course of injectable steroids, you are going to have trouble sleeping. Best way to deal with this is to cease the drugs and not to take sleeping pills. They do not take care of the problem and you get an effect of a hangover.

Tendon ruptures

Injectable steroids strengthen the muscle and not tendon. There is an increased chance of a rupture of tendon. In case of a rupture seek imediate help. Most common ruptures are of the biceps tendon  and those tears may be complete or partial.

Young people

If using steroids in adolescents you are gambling the ability to continue to grow in height. Injectable steroids often lead to premature closing of the epiphyses also known as the growing part of the bone.

Prostate Gland problem

Studies reveal that the prostate gland can increase in size during the course of injectable steroids. It will decrease since the course is over. Older male users who are susceptible to urinary blockage because fo the swelling of the gland need to take particular interest on this problem.

Most common infections

Tho most common infection that appears during the course is the one happening because of the lack in sterility of the equipment. Before any preparation, washing your hands and using a new syringe for every injection is the best way to try and avoid infections. Injectable steroids are also known to affect the immune system and some takers reported to have more colds when on the course. Other infections are the result of sharing the injecting equipment. This is a common way of spreading HIV and hepatitis.

Women side effects

Deepening of the voice is often the sign of virilisation. In that instance the course must be ended for some degree of recovery. Skin changes are also  side effects that is present. Changing in texture is the first one, followed up by facial hair growth. Periods may come irregularly and even at times not come at all. Using injectable steroids for women may also cause: shrinkage of the breast tissue, birth deffects, developing a masculine physique and changes in the reproductive system.

Counterfeits and authentic steroids

Most oil based steroids accessible in the UK have been made in underground labs. The nature of the assembling differs from pharmaceutical assembling offices being utilized to make steroids for illegal deal, through to carports and storm cellars. Examination has demonstrated to us that a significant number of these underground drugs are simply vegetable oil that contains no steroids by any means, some contain steroids which contrast from those on the name, and most have wrong portion marking. With every single underground steroid, peptides and hormones, you can’t make sure what you are infusing. There is no free quality control. But if you would like to buy genuine injectable steroids, here is how. The best way of shopping for injectable steroids is online. On the internet you can get legal and illegal injectable steroids without prescription. If you would like to go online, and buy injectable steroids, here is the link of our trusted website. Satisfied customers around the world are the proof of our authentic and genuine products from many different pharmacies such as : la pharmaalpha pharmameditech lab. Every product has a verification code and with that you can check on the pharmacy website whether your product is authentic or not.If you want to achieve that desired physique simply click the link and visit our website to get a ton of deals.

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