British dispensary is a pharmacy behind the famous logo „The arrow – struck snake“. The snake is representing poison and sickness while the arrow embodies cure and prevention of sickness. The company represents the quality that has been around for more than 100 years. If you buy a product that has a logo with a snake and arrow, you can be assured that you bought a quality product. British dispensary was founded in 1892.. Their founder, Dr. Thomas Hayward Hays , wanted to offer a modern drug store. The moral behind the managment comes from Dhamma and it strictly follows the buddhist doctrines. Contributing to social activities with the present accomplishements it is said to be the consequence of the way of Dhamma.The distribution sector of this company merged with L.P. Standard laboratories Co., Ltd. and becamse The British dispensary (L.P.) Co., Ltd. The company recieved two certificates, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. They were the first manufacturers in Thailand that managed to get two certificates at the same time. British dispensary is developing quality with a brand modernization and is lunching new products frequently while appointed as the only distributor in Thailand.

British dispensary counterfeits and avoiding them

When buying steroids the main concern today is counterfeiting. A lot of companies try to earn a quick buck by making „fake“ steroids. With this comes a big health risk because counterfeit products may have the wrong active ingredient or have no active ingredient in them. Because of that many pharmacies today, like British dispensary have an authentification code written on their products so you will be sure that you bought their genuine products.
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 Injectable vs oral steroids

Anabolic steroids come in the two most popular forms today, Injectable and oral tablets. Differences are minimal. Only big difference is the speed of results, but with increased speed comes increased risk. Firstly there are common risks of using steroids such as allergic reactions, however with injectables there is a risk of local bleeding, numbness and swelling. Given that higher risks are with injectable steroids, many customers like to take the safer route and buy oral tablets.
British dispensary products are the most sought after in the industry. So if you are buying oral tablets the best top quality product for you would be from British dispensary. Here you can check some of our assortment of their oral tablets:

Bodybuilding goal

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