If you are eager to buy Anavar, wait until you hear some results and effects of this supplement from other users.
It is often mentioned in muscle building and weight loss topics.  There are numerous Anavar reviews available online.
You will find a lot of useful information that will help you make decisions.
It is always a good idea to try and understand something about androgen before start using it.
Anavar is just a brand name of Oxandrolone. G.D Searle & Co. Laboratories developed it back in 1960’s. Later you could find them under the name Pfizer, Inc.
Its popularity has risen over the years which made it one of the most popular products ever developed.
What is great is that both male and female athletes, bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts can use it.
There will be plenty Anavar reviews written in bodybuilding forums but what you might don’t know is that most of them are not written by real users.
An understanding of how Oxandrolone actually works is require in order to really benefit from those forums.

Anavar reviews

To be able to separate nonsense from quality you will first have to know what is Anavar.  After that you are free to contribute on online forums. Some basic facts:
Anavar is brand name of Oxandrolone, assigned by Pfizer, Inc.
Antitroil, Lonavar, Protivar, Lipidex, Anatrophill are some other used brand names
It is given to patients who need to gain weight
10 hours-half life and needs to be taken 2 times a day, orally
17aa (C17alpha-alkylated) steroid which causes hepatotoxicity
Oxandrolone is a derivative of DHT (dihydrotestosterone)
It is for lean mass and not muscle mass
Your physique will be more defined and not bulky
It is said to be the gentlest and safest anabolic steroid on the market and provides less stress on the liver than the rest of oral steroids.
Why anavar pills instead of something else
In terms of popularity, oxandrolone also known as anavar is the most widely used oral anabolic steroid today.
There is a number of different reasons to this but it has strong effects with only few side effects.
Among various Anavar reviews, the following are positive benefits

You can see it for yourself that Anavar is a great choice for both males and females who want to achieve their goals.
Even though it has numerous benefits as an oral steroid, it also has some risks.

What do reviews say about side effects?

Throughout the years, Anavar has a great record regarding safety and that is valid for both men and women.
But it is still an anabolic steroids and if it is not used responsibly there will be consequences. Therefore, the cycle length should be limited to 4 weeks for women and 6-8 weeks for men.
Daily dosages in the range of 30-80mg are recommended for men and 10-20mg for women.
These are possible side effects regarding the usage of Anavar:

Given these side effects, you probably now think that this is not a mild steroid. But changes of problems occurring are extremely low.
Responsible dosing and the right length of cycle will minimize the chances of you experiencing side effects.
The usage should be ceased if you feel anything from that list.

There are tons of fake Anavar reviews

We gave you trusted statements made by professional and experienced users.
Since this is a widely used steroid, there will always be incorrect information regarding its use.
That is why we have collected the most recurring lies from Anavar reviews. You will now be able to understand what Oxandrolone is and is not.
Some of them are one big lie, practically made up and some of them have a bit of truth but are still incorrect.
Anavar usage will result in shrinkage of testicles and penis
Using it will only decrease the natural testosterone levels. Still it depends mostly on the dosage. The higher the dosage the more testosterone will be suppressed.
Result will be a lower sex drive or libido during the usage and shortly after until there is a hormonal balance.
As a derivative of DHT, the side effect is occasional but possible.
There is no proof that it will affect the size of your penis.
Women wont experience virilization
Most of websites will claim that there is no side effects but that is not completely true.
Androgen anabolic steroids have the ability to cause virilization and anavar is one of them
If taken responsibly you will most certainly avoid it, but keep the dosages under 15-20mg per day.
The biggest problem is in abusing. Most of people abuse steroids which results in side effects that can even be permanent.
There will be women who won’t experience those side effects on high doses while some may experience at low doses. It depends on various different things but what you need to know is that if you experience any kind of side effects cause the usage instantly.
You can use this anabolic steroid even if you are younger than 20 years old.
Anavar is not safe for youngsters and kids who are still developing.  There is no steroid on the market that is safe to use until you are not mature.
In this case we are talking about effects on the HPTA (Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis).
This steroid can do some damage but not even close as other anabolic steroids.
If Anavar is used during puberty it won’t affect your height since it doesn’t affect estrogen levels or aromatize.
If you don’t forget the information that you obtained here, you are good to go.
You can find other high quality steroid products here.

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