What is this Post-Cycle therapy (PCT) and why is it required when taking Anavar (Oxandrolone)?
PCT is something you should go through after every steroid cycle. This is the cycle where you take drugs that help you restore body’s functions.
To prevent the potential liver damage and suppression of the testosterone production caused by anabolic steroids you ought to take these drugs.
Anavar is one of the mildest steroids therefore it is not required to take PCT. Having said that, PCT is highly recommended as it can only help your body and health should be your biggest concern.
There are various different opinions and statements regarding this area but we will cover most of them in this article.
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Anavar cycles guide

There are those who think that it is only possible to achieve results if stacked with other stronger androgenic steroids.
Because of that, Anavar is often stacked with stronger steroids such as Dianabol, Deca Durabolin, Trenbolone and Testosterone.
It will help you achieve even greater results but it is not necessary as Anavar only cycle brings satisfied results.
You can expect to lose fat and gain lean muscle mass with a daily dosage of 30-50mg.
It is more used as a cutting steroid than bulking but it can be used in both cycles. It very well maintains weight while not causing water retention.
In bulking cycle, it is often stacked with already mentioned anabolics. The daily dosage of 30-50mg can show noticeable gains in just few weeks.

Does anavar users require pct?

There are those who think that Post-cycle therapy is not needed in the use of Anavar.
Yes, the suppression is present but when compared with other steroids it is insignificant. Overall it is much safer and gentle steroid.
There is no conversion to estrogen at low dosages together with aromatization. Those are conditions that affect the natural testosterone production.
At higher dosages it is the same as with other anabolic steroids, a higher chance of the suppression occurring.
Post-Cycle therapy steroids such as Clomid and Nolvadex help restore HPTA. But remember, when you run Anavar only cycle at low dosages, there is no need for PCT.
In case you decide to increase your doses, it will be necessary to protect your liver due to toxicity of oral steroids and to prevent any suppression on HPTA.

Anavar at low doses doesn’t suppress HPTA

You should know that high doses of Anavar will surely bring suppression.
Suppression on libido and other important parts it is mostly up to an individual and how responsible he is with its usage.
There have been researches on how strong the Anavar suppression is on low doses. The results were positive as there is a minimal influence.
Given the fact that it is called the mildest of steroids, it is optional whether you want to add Post-cycle therapy drugs such as Clomid and Nolvadex.
Their main benefit is to stop the conversion to estrogen which an Oxandrolone user doesn’t need.
Side effects to appear, require much larger dosages when estrogen is out of the picture.
 Even if estrogen is a key part of the process, that doesn’t mean that steroid’s androgenic action cannot trigger inhibition.
Preserving the normal testosterone production is a big challenge for bodybuilders.

How is liver affected during Anavar cycles?

Anavar as a 17 alpha alkylated steroid is developed to pass through the liver without metabolic actions affecting it.
Also it is one of the oral steroids which makes it easy to take but it adds additional stress to the liver. Even with that its effects are mild regarding the liver and tolerated by both men and women.
Oxandrolone at recommended doses will very rarely cause any damage to liver, even if enzymes are elevated.
Anabolic steroids are modified in a way that they don’t get dissolved in the liver. 17aa steroids are known to fully metabolize but Anavar is not like that. Meditech claimed that 30% of the steroid is excreted by the urine.
Anavar is one of the mildest steroids with a low level of hepatotoxicity. Those were the results of tests when it was compared with other steroids such as fluoxymesterone, methyltestosterone, norethandrolone.
The research proved that the body will be expericing low levels of liver stress among the all oral anabolic steroids. As useful as PCT is, it won’t reach full potential here.
Compared to fluoxymesterone, Anavar dose of 20mg produced 70% milder effects.
Since the both drugs have been alternated
Various different understandings from athletes who haven’t experienced any kind of issues, can make people more comfortable with using this drug.
Even though the risk of liver damage is minimal, it is still present and can’t be ignored.

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Bridge steroid between cycles

Anavar as a bridge steroid is a popular topic nowadays.  Many want to know whether is it useful or not.
If it is, they plan on using it because the bridge steroid can help them bigly.
Opinions about the steroid bridge still differ and because of that you should be careful who are you listening.
Bridging can help you maintain the results you gained throughout the cycle. Most of your gains will be lost once you stop taking steroids and this can help you prevent it.
The main benefit of cycling and PCT is to avoid negative effects of the steroids.
Some negative effects that every anabolic steroid user will face:

Short cycle with low doses will not show any side effects but prolonged use may cause harsh side effects
Negative effects correlated with the usage of steroids should be minimized between cycles.
The longer you use them the larger impact it has on the lipid profile. LDL is increased while HDL is decreased. This may end up affecting the blood vessels and can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
During Anavar Post-cycle therapy the liver will be free for some time from the effects of 17aa steroids.

Anavar PCT suggestions

During off cycle, non-hormonal steroids should be used and not hormonal anabolic steroids.
The whole point is to maintain the results gained during the cycle.
Lipid profile is affected during the usage and can be balanced with Fish oil.
After you finish taking anabolics, the body needs some rest to return in its natural state.
To recover after workout, people like to use BCAA supplements (Branched chain amino acid)
Recovery time is decreased during off period than compared when taking steroids.

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