The key to using this steroid safely while getting a desired outcome is determined by the correct Anavar dosage.
Not everyone will experience the same benefits from the same dose.
If you have used any kind of anabolic steroid or similar supplement you will know that a personalization has a huge impact on the end result.
By doing your own research about the dose you will be able to determine how much of Anavar is necessary for your own needs.
In this article you will be able to learn some basic information about this steroid’s usage and the difference between the length of male and female cycle as well as the correct dose.
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Anavar dosages – men

Most of males, whether they are bodybuilders or athletes, they will benefit significantly from Anavar during cutting phases of the cycle.
Oxandrolone is not the correct supplement for people who want to build muscle mass. Results will barely be present, almost nonexistent. It possible to gain a small amount of muscle mass by taking large doses but this is not the benefit of this steroid.
 Anavar is one of the most expensive products among all the steroids that are currently available.
The most optimal men dosage is 50mg a day. It will be effective, provide you with many benefits while staying relatively cheap in terms of Anavar prices.
Oxandrolone is very gentle and soft steroid.  Even with that, some men decide to run a cycle with a daily dosage of 30mg. It is based upon their personal preferences as they are the one who know what their goal is.

Anavar dosages – women

If it has been proved that it will be wasteful for bulking purposes in men, that doesn’t mean that it is the same for women.
The muscle mass gained from Oxandrolone is still limited in women but it is more present than in men.
Due to the sensitive nature of women they would rather use the mildest steroids.
Since it is for off-season bulking use, it will be beneficial because of your dieting.
 You will have to accept the dieting stage every time you intend on supplementing it with hormone.
10mg a day of Anavar will satisfy most of woman’s requirements.
By taking doses higher than these, you increase the chance of virilisation. This has to be said because there are women whose capacity will allow higher doses.
Most of females will find this dose well balanced in case of both cutting and bulking. If you are one of those that 10mg a day won’t be enough for you, you may increase it up to 15mg and maximum of 20mg a day. Any higher than this and it will only bring you harm.
In terms of length, the cycle should end after 6 weeks. And no, you cannot prolong it since the most optimal cycle length for women is 4-6 weeks.
You can start again with a new 6-week cycle but before that your body needs to rest for 3-4 weeks and avoid any kind of anabolic steroids.


Results and benefits

Whether you are a man or woman, by using Oxandrolone you will experience many benefits. Those benefits that happen during cutting and dieting phases are:
Increased strength and preserved muscle tissue
Increase in growing tissue regeneration.
Ripped physique
Faster metabolic rate
These benefits will only be present with the correct amount of Anavar dosages. Thinking like “if I consume more I will benefit even more” is incorrect and should be avoided.
Both males and females will experience the positive results by consuming it correctly and responsibly.
Women consuming it in off-season will see the improvement in muscle gains and strength. Moreover, men will end up with more defined physique and increased strength.
It will show physical growth in men but it is not that big that it is worth talking about it.

Results in women

There are only few gentle and safe anabolic steroids on the market that will provide women with successful benefits like those from Anavar.
Testosterone as the most popular anabolic steroid among the men is widely used in bodybuilding, power lifting, sports and so on.
Whether you are a female athlete, bodybuilder or just getting in shape, you are not left with any choice other than this.
This magic pill will provide women with benefits which no other source can provide.
Oxandrolone also sold under the name Anavar, shows the difference between success and weakness.
When it comes to cutting and dieting, anavar is the best solution to help women build their physique.

Toleration and overdose

Among all anabolic steroids, women have the highest toleration levels for Anavar.
Women have to be careful with anabolic androgenic supplements. There is always a high risk of virilisation symptoms occurring which will drastically affect woman’s femininity.
This is also one of the reasons why a female will prefer Anavar over other steroids. With this one they have never experienced these kind of side effects.
The possibility of virilisation symptoms occurring at high dosages will never be at zero. But it is still low when compared to other anabolics such as Dianabol.
Responsible use should come first rather than amazing results in short time.
If any of you experience these symptoms due to an incorrect usage, it is advisible to stop with the cycle for few weeks. In the meantime, you will get rid of these kind of steroids.
It sounds a bit harsh, but a woman who didn’t notice symptoms on time or rather didn’t stop with the cycle, they will most likely become permanent.

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