To break down the subject and allow you to comprehend the true nature of anabolic steroids, you should firstly understand what they are. In reality it is a man-made synthetic variation of the male sex hormone. A proper name for it should actually be anabolic-androgenic steroids. In the name anabolic refers to the muscle building part, and the androgenic part is focused on increasing the male sex characteristics. In bodybuilding they are called: juice, gear, roids etc. In general steroids are supposed to be used for treatments of hormonal issues (AIDS and cancer). But in todays time we often se athletes use them. Steroids use in bodybuilding is like driving the car with gasoline. There is no driving without it. With this kind od misusing we come to a conclusion that the majority of it is done by weightlifters who are in their mid 20s. Women tend to not utilize them. There are three methods of intake. First one being oral. You take the tablet as you would any other drug. The second method is by injection and the third is by applying the gel format of steroids to your skin. Doses that are present here are usually much bigger than those prescribed by the health proffessional.                                                                                                                                                                   Most famous patterns of utilizing are:
•    Cycling
•    Stacking
•    Pyramiding
•    plateauing   
Cycling refers to taking anabolic steroids for a period of time which is followed by an equal amount of resting time. Stacking would be when you use two or more different medications simultaneously. Pyramiding is when you gradually increase the frequency and dosage till you reach your peak and then gradually lower them. Plateauing is a term which is refering to switching from steroid to steroid so your body will not build any tolerance what so ever. Warning here is that none of the listed methods have been proven to lower the potential risks. Great difference from other drugs is that anabolic steroids do not have an instantanous effect. You will not feel a high or fast increase in dopamine levels like you would from other drugs. The effects that can happen and are affecting your brain are:
•    delusions
•    Paranoia
•    Aggresion and irritability
•    Mania
•    Impaired judgment
Side effects that are not connected with the brain but are still present with the usage of anabolic steroids are in general:
•    High blood pressure
•    Changes in cholesterol levels
•    Enlarged heart
•    Risk of blood clots
•    Kindey failures
•    Liver damage and tumors
In men:
•    Baldness
•    Shrinking testicles
•    Decreased sperm count
•    Risk of prostate cancer
•    Development of breasts
In women:
•    Deeper voice
•    Enlarged clitoris
•    Male-pattern baldness
•    Decreased breasts
•    Changes in menstrual cycles
•    Facial hair growth
Even when you decide that is enough and you stop a course you can still expect some withdrawal symptoms that may include:
•    Cravings for more
•    Sleep problems
•    Decreased sex drive
•    Loss of apetite
•    Fatique
•    Restlessness
•    Depression
A lot of individuals are likely to turn for help when it comes to anabolic steroids addiction. In some cases doctors prescribed the patients with antidepressants to counter the depression. Painkillers were prescribed to negate headaches and joint and muscle pain. There are even some reports of other medicines being prescribed to restore individuals hormonal system.

Anabolic steroids use in bodybuilding

Whenever there is a topic of bodybuilding and discussion about the sport you cannot have it without mentioning anabolic steroids and steroid use in bodybuilding. That is true because every weightlifter strives to be the very best and biggest. To achieve greatness, individuals are turning to steroids for help. The reason for that is the sheer nature of effects that those medications can provide. Being the promoters of protein synthesis thus increasing the muscle is one of the key points for such a wide use. In addition to common steroids, there are new steroids being developed and manufactired every day. One of the most famous ones used in bodybuilding are:
•    Furazabol
•    Fluoxymesterone
•    Turinabol
•    Mesterolone
•    Methenolone
•    Stanozolol
•    Trenbolone
•    Danazol
•    Methandrostenolone
•    Oxandrolone
•    Quinbolone
•    Nandrolone
•    Oxymetholone
Steroid use in bodybuilding may result in all kinds of negative side effects, some of which are:
•    Erectile dysfunction
•    Liver damage
•    Aggressive behaviour
•    Heart attack
•    Facil hair growth
•    Enlarged prostate
•    Shrinking testicles
•    Cysts and acne
The positive effects for bodybuilders are decreasing body fat and increasing muscle mass. From that it is easy to deduct why do so many bodybuilders use the steroids. Simply the good effects outweigh the negative side effects. There is also a common misconception that bodybuilders die because of steroid use. That does not happen. That is only uneducated individuals that want a good story and publicity. There has yet to be any case that proves that steroids are the reason of death. Do not get it twisted, they can improve the negative chances but they do not single-handedly cause deaths. Stupid thing that a bodybuilder can do is to be on a course and then go out and abuse recreation. When it comes to money, bodybuilding is actually not a great source of it. In most cases an individual will spend more money on a cycle for competition than they will win at the competition. The price range varies from person to person. It also depends from where do you aquire steroids. The most typical price range for a cycle would be from 8,000 dollars to 15,000 dollars. The cycles should not be generalized. Every person has different needs and different reactions meaning that everyone should have their custom cycle with proper dosages and frequencies.  Best way to get your hands on the drugs is by ordering it online. There are many different web-sites that are offering great quality merchandise from top pharmacies. Our webiste, buysteroidspro offers you anabolic steroids from:
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