What are Alpha Pharma steroids? For starters, Alpha pharma is a pharmaceutical company that manufactures anabolic steroids. They are widely popular, and it is no brainer since the quality of their products is on the next level.

It is getting harder and harder to find quality and genuine steroids. There are more and more counterfeits since the industry is growing rapidly. That is why we dedicated our time to write this article for you which may help you in finding the best source of steroids.

We can start from anabolic steroids. Did you hear about the hormone called testosterone? Well they are basically its synthetic variations made by humans. Anabolic steroids or anabolic androgenic steroids are also known under the name roids, gear or juice. They are more used on the streets which you may previously encountered. Muscle gains are connected with a term anabolic and androgenic with sex characteristics in male.

They are widely used around the globe due to their benefits. Their usage was based around medicine in the beginning, but not long after, bodybuilders realized how useful it can be in bodybuilding. In medicine they are used in treatments for delayed puberty, AIDS, cancer, osteoporosis and more. In bodybuilding or any kind of sports, they can boost performance and physical conditions to some extent.

Oral vs injectable and bulking vs cutting vs pct

Most people when hear the word steroids, they automatically think of injections and needles. Well this is not correct. They can be obtained in both oral and injectable form. Orals are much easier to intake, so they end up making the highest sales. They have to be taken once a day while injectable only once a week. Most of users don’t prefer injections due to swelling or bleeding and we understand them perfectly. Nobody wants to put a needle in its muscle tissue. Even though orals are taken easily they can cause you harm. They are capable of doing damage to your liver; They are developed in the way they don’t dissolve in the liver and they can pass through it multiple times. Each side has its own benefits and side effects but, in the end, it depends about the product itself.

Most popular Alpha pharma steroids in an oral form

And injectable

As you can probably guess what does bulking mean. Those steroids are developed so they can help you gain muscle mass, weight gain and strength increase. Most of the time they are used at the beginning the cycle followed by cutting and then post cycle therapy steroid. Cutting steroids are used after bulking so they give your body nice appearance. Lean muscle mass and fat burn are present together with boosted energy and increased strength. During the cycle your body stops production testosterone naturally as most of steroids have a certain level of suppression on testosterone levels. This means that your body got used to steroids and once you stop taking them, it won’t be able to produce it on its own. This results in the loss of gains in matter of weeks. For your body to functionate properly you must take post cycle therapy steroids. They help you balance testosterone levels and get rid of steroid dependency.

Most popular bulking steroids from alpha pharma


Post cycle therapy

Alphabol Alpha Pharma

Alphabol Alpha Pharma is popularly known as anabol and is closely associated with the hormone methandienone or methandrostenolone. Ultimately as a steroid Dianabol which is the most popular bulking steroid.

Its anabolic rating is 210 which is double than testosterone. All steroids are compared with testosterone because that is the base and the most powerful steroid on the market.
Back to Alphabol, its ability to enhance protein synthesis and nitrogen retention In muscle tissue makes it very useful. It doesn’t produce slow gains rather rapid and noticeable. You have probably been wondering how much you can achieve in terms of bulking, but it depends on more things. For example, your diet and training program will have a huge impact. If you have taken care of those then you can expect nice gains of 15-20 pounds in matter of a month.

Strength and power increase is immense and maybe the biggest among all steroids. You will go to the next level with your training as you will be capable of lifting heavier weights. Effects of alphabol take just few days to kick in which makes it the king of the bulking steroids.

Unfortunately, there are some serious side effects that should not be overlooked. Water retention is the first big drawback and it is high likelihood that at least 30% of your gains will disappear. Except that you may end up facing gynecomastia-also known as man boobs, increased blood pressure and bad cholesterol, liver toxicity, acne, oily skin, masculinization in women, baldness and more. Testosterone suppression is a big issue among steroids, and it is not a different story with this one. This may result in lowered sex drive, erectile dysfunction, fat increase, testicular atrophy.

As long as you follow the prescription closely and take it responsibly, it should be fine. Dosages and cycles are here to help you reach your goals. Higher dosages don’t mean the faster or bigger results. In fact, it is other way around. Since it is harmful to the liver it cannot be taken throughout the whole cycle – 12 weeks. It is usually taken for 4- 6 weeks(kickstarter) with the daily dosages of 30-50mg.

Astralean Alpha pharma

If you haven’t heard about Astralean Alpha Pharma then you heard the name clenbuterol, clen, spiropent or dilaterol. It is one of the most popular weight loss drugs that even celebrities are using. By stimulating beta 2- receptors it increases the rate of weight loss compared to other steroids. Mitohondria releases more heat which results in increased body’s temperature and metabolic rate. Unfortunately, the drug was never approved by FDA, even though some European countries are using it in asthma treatments.
Cutting phases of the cycle are where you want to use clenbuterol. It is very beneficial in terms of lean muscle mass and fat loss. It will provide you with more improved physique. Many celebrities are using it to stay in the shape for cameras (Britney Spears is one of them).

•    Some of its benefits
•    Enhanced fat loss
•    Lean muscle mass and more defined physique
•    Blood flow and oxygenation increase
•    Preserves muscles
•    Boost in energy
•    Suppression on appetite
•    Improved athletic performance

Process called thermogenesis is increased. Sugar and fat In mitochondria converts into energy.
In order to keep our internal body’s temperature stable, our bodies have to burn calories and fat to produce heat. With usage of clenbuterol you are able to increase it even more therefore more fat will burn.

For most optimal benefits it is suggested to use it together with a strict diet and hard training program. What is also great, your appetite will be suppressed hence you won’t be hungry.
You can expect to lose from 10 to 20 pounds in matter of a month if you stick to the program. The best time to use it is right after a bulking cycle to get leaner. It preserves muscles while providing you with extra weight loss. Stored fat will act as a fuel so you won’t be powerless while losing weight, like you would normally be.

Most people prefer cycles of 2 weeks on clenbuterol/astralean and 2 weeks of steroids followed by 2 weeks on. They start with a daily dosage of 20mg which is increased every day by 20mg until they hit the mark-140mg. Once you hit the mark the decline starts towards 20mg. This process is called pyramiding.

Users may face some side effects like with every anabolic steroid. This is the case if dosages and cycles are not strictly followed. Some of them are:

Oxanabol alpha pharma

Oxanabol Alpha Pharma is more popularly known as Anavar. It is the brand name of Oxandrolone. If you want to build lean muscle mass and lose fat, then this is the steroid for you. It is used during cutting cycles. What is so special about oxanabol is that this is one of the safest and gentlest steroids on the market. It was first developed to treat HIV/AIDS and osteoporosis. Anavar as a derivative of DHT is one of the c17-alpha alkylated anabolic steroids.

Conversion to estrogen doesn’t take place which means that bodybuilders wont experience water retention, gynecomastia or and fat increase. Since it is called the mildest among all steroids, it is perfect for women. They can use it for both gains in muscle mass and lean mass while men can only expect lean mass. That is why it is popularly stacked with testosterone enanthate, deca durabolin, dianabol, hgh, proviron and more. Fat in the area around the stomach, upper legs and lower back will be significantly reduced.
Bodybuilders also like to use it because it is non-aromatizing steroid. Its androgenic ratings are very low-25 compared to other oral steroids. The strength, power and speed you experience during the course will come in handy. It is 3x times stronger than testosterone in terms of anabolic ratings.

Oxanabol/Anavar is one of the rare oral steroids that can be taken for 8-12 weeks. But since it is an oral drug your liver will suffer. On low doses it is relatively safe regarding liver but the higher the dose the greater risk. This is also valid for suppression of testosterone production. Don’t forget that if you decide to prolong the cycle you may also suffer from liver damage.

The common oxanabol dosage for beginners is 30mg per day. Athletes find it useful as well. More advance steroid users and bodybuilders tend to take daily doses of 50-80mg. Females stick to 10-20mg per day.

Even if it is called the mildest among all anabolic steroids that doesn’t mean that side effects won’t be present. If you don’t stick to the plan you will definitely experience some drawbacks. Men may experience swelling of the breasts, prolonged erections and trouble urinating while women may experience deepening of the voice, enlarged clitoris, irregular menstrual cycle. Anger issues, trouble sleeping, anxiety, oily skin are more common side effects.

Nandrobolin Alpha pharma

Nadrolone Decanoate Alpha Pharma or Deca Durabolin It is very popular anabolic steroid. The structure can be compared with testosterone, the only difference is that a carbon atom at the 19 position is missing. This makes the steroid less androgenic. Estrogenic side effects such as gynecomastia and water retention are avoided and side effects such as oily skin, hair loss and acne are rarely present. It is great steroid for lean mass. In 1962, Nadrobolin was developed by organon international.

Nandrobolin is great for increasing red blood cells production, protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. What it does that other anabolic steroids don’t is increases bone mineral content and collagen synthesis is enhanced which makes it great for professional athletes. Muscles are made up of 20% nitrogen and nandrobolin helps retain it. It assists body to retain and build muscle strength during hard and long training.

Its half-life is very long and sometimes an injection can last up to two maybe even tree weeks. Nonetheless, it is taken on a weekly basis. Most people prefer to split the weekly dose in half and take it 2 times per week. Anabolic rating of nandrobolin is 125 and androgenic is 37 which makes it mild steroid. Low doses can be useful in medical treatments.
Benefits that make it popular are:

Since it is a slow acting drug it can be used for longer period of time. Muscle building during that time will be of higher quality and will provide better results than other anabolic steroids. It promotes muscle recovery and endurance and can act as pain relief.

Recommended weekly dosage of 100mg is for medical purposes while athletes start at 200mg a week and increase it up to 600mg a week. The most common dosage is 300-400mg a week. Because it is mild in nature you can prolong the cycle up to 12 weeks while at least 8 weeks is recommended. This is a woman friendly steroid and they stick to a weekly dosage of 50mg. Anything more than that will cause virilization symptoms.

Nandrobolin is often stacked with dianabol and testosterone during bulking cycles to increase the speed of gains. One stack for example is

•    400mg of Nandrobolin a week
•    50mg of Winstrol a day
•    230mg of Parabolan a week
•    25mg of Oxandrolone a day

Popular choices

•    nandrobolin, winstrol, dianabol and testosterone cypionate
•    trenbolone acetate, testosterone cypionate and nandrobolin

Induject Alpha pharma

Induject Alpha Pharma or sustanon is a originally product from Organon that was used in medicine. The plan was to develop a drug that gives you high levels of testosterone but require minimal injections. It is a combination of different testosterone types. We have testosterone propionate, phynylpropionate, isocaprate and decanoate. This steroid is injected in the muscle tissue and has an anabolic activity lasting 3 weeks. Testosterone levels increase significantly after an injection but with slow decline.

Induject is not the steroid for women. Due to its high testosterone activity, women will experience side effects such as voice deepening, irregular menstrual cycles and hair growth in unwanted places.

Induject was initially introduced to help children with low testosterone levels.
Athletes can benefit in terms of muscular strength, stamina and overall performance.

Induject benefits are the following:

•    Fitness improvement
•    Boost in energy
•    Eliminates depression
•    Reduced exhaustion

Testosterone is the most important hormone in our body. It affects your skin, muscles, nervous system, bone marrow, kidneys, liver. It helps with decreased sex drive, infertility, fatigue, impotence and osteoporosis.

Men with breast or prostate cancer, women, boys under the age of 18, people allergic to soya should avoid the usage of induject.

Since this steroid is powerful, there is a chance of side effects. Induject users may experience mild and even serious side effects.
Mild side effects are acne, water retention, muscle pain, shivering, joint pain, itching while serious side effects are: prostate cancer, liver problems, weight gain, depression, chest pain, hypertension, kidney problems.

Buy Alpha Pharma steroids

With each day as the industry grows, there is an increase in counterfeits. People try to scam beginners as they don’t required knowledge to spot the difference between fake and real steroids. The problem is that fake steroids are literally wasted money. You will receive some substance, but it won’t be powerful and pure as a real substance would be. You will waste your money, results won’t be there and what is even worse you may end up with some serious side effects. That is why we only have genuine and quality steroids. You can order from us and you will definitely be a satisfied customer. You can choose between pharmacies such as Alpha pharma, LA pharma, Meditech and more. You can choose between various Alpha Pharma products here.

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