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Masterone is an injectable anabolic steroid. With the help of a needle, the liquid is injected into muscle tissue, most often in the butt. This steroid was first developed back in 1950’s under the company called Syntex. It became available o the market 20 years later like the most anabolic steroids. Masterone was not supposed to be used as a performance-enhancer supplement that promotes growth of muscles but rather as a medicine. Most of anabolic steroids were developed to help with certain conditions and not to be used in bodybuilding or professional sports. It is said that women during breast cancer treatment often used Masterone. Together with SERMS it is capable of blocking estrogen/cancer from spreading. Reports showed significant drop in estrogen levels.

Few years later people started realizing how some type of drugs can help them gain muscle mass, strength and weight. Masterone was one of those drugs. Anti-estrogen blockers don’t aromatize which is quite important to note. The most significant benefits during Masterone cycle are: lean and dry physique, fat loss, increased strength, energy boost, improved endurance and recovery rate. If you wonder about bulking results, they are not that noticeable when compared to real bulking steroids like trenbolone and dianabol. But if you want to build lean muscle mass in short periods of time, then this is for you. By the end of the cycle you should gain 5-10lb of lean mass which is quite nice gain.

It is important to understand that this is not the steroid for huge muscle gains but rather lean and hard physique. Since testosterone doesn’t convert to estrogen, estrogenic side effects are avoided. When you experience big chest or bloated appearance, you experienced estrogenic side effects. During dieting your body is exhausted due to lower intake of calories. Masterone is here to prevent that exhaustion. Beginner dosage is 200-300mg, intermediate is 300-500mg and advance is 400-600mg, taken on a weekly basis. You may experience some side effects like suppression of testosterone, infections, hair loss but if you use the steroid responsibly most likely they will be avoided.

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