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Sustanon is a more common name but you will also see induject from alpha pharma going around. It was originally developed to be used In medicine. Organon pharmacy was the first one that created it but now Alpha Pharma sells it under the name induject-250. 250 refers to 250mg/ml but in form of ampoules. Their goal was to create a drug that requires minimal injections but gives you high levels of testosterone. 

Induject is combination of various testosterone types. We have testosterone isocaprate, decanoate, propionate and phynylropionate. It is consumed by injecting the substance in the muscle tissue. Even though its activity lasts for 3 weeks, it is taken on the weekly basis. Levels of testosterone will increase considerably in short period of time while the effects will slowly wear off. Due to its high testosterone activity, induject is not recommended for women. That can lead to virilization effects which women want to avoid.

The reason why athletes use it is because they can benefit in terms or their performance, stamina and muscle strength. So if you want to experience energy boost, depression elimination, exhaustion redaction and fitness improvement this is the steroid for you. Testosterone is the most crucial hormone in our body. Organs like muscles, skin, bones, kidneys, livers even nervous system are all affected. It helps prevent fatigue, infertility, impotence, osteoporosis and decreased sex drive.

Induject is really powerful steroid so there is a possibility of side effects. The side effects are grouped as mild and serious. Some mild ones are water retention, muscle pain, joint pain, shivering, acne, itching. Dangerous ones are liver problems, depression, kidney problems, hypertension, prostate cancer. This is why it is important to take it responsibly. If you follow your dosages and cycles correctly, everything should be fine. Beginner should take somewhere between 300-500mg per week for total of 12 weeks. More advance users can increase it up to 750mg per week.

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