Anazole™ 1mg x 30 Tablets (Arimidex) Aromatase Inhibitor

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Anazole is an aromatase inhibitor (AI) that works by attaching to the aromatase enzyme responsible for producing estrogen. It very effectively eliminates estrogen (inhibiting aromatase at more than 80%) at only 0.5-1mg per day while at same time raising LH levels which is result in increased levels of testosterone. This effect on LH levels is welcome and also makes buy Anazole steroids useful as post-cycle drug, albeit not the first choice for this purpose. Al s and SERM are by many athletes thought to have same effect but this is a huge misunderstanding. Al s eliminate estrogen production while SERM s block estrogen from attaching to the receptors. Al s are more effective in combatting gynocomastia, water retention and thus providing a cisper and more ripped look, while SERM s are safer to use for long periods because a certain amount of estrogen is needed for proper immune function and lipid profile. Anazole is recommended for those very prone to gynocomastia and with desire to avoid water retention. To be used only for the duration of a cycle which includes the post-cycles period.

Potency: 1mg per tablet

Active ingredient:  Anastrozole

Packaging:  30 Tablets

Popular dosage:  0.5-1mg per day.

Performance:  Estrogen eliminator 4/5
                          Post-cycle recovery  3/5
                          Side effects   1/5

1 review for Anazole™ 1mg x 30 Tablets (Arimidex) Aromatase Inhibitor

  1. Jessie (verified owner)

    this Arimidex works great…thanks a lot buysteroidspro! 🙂

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